Original Ideas

My original ideas (neologisms, maxims, dogmas, quotes, proverbs, dictums, adages, mottos or sayings).

  • Real True Philosophy is Real True Science and Real True Science is Real True Philosophy, ergo: Unreal False Philosophy is Pseudo-science and Pseudo-science is Unreal False Philosophy. Dialectic maxim, dogma, motto and proverb achieved when writing an article to Oxford University Press. Enkrateo, January, 08th 2017.
  • As much as simple, more complex a Natural Law is, as much as complex, more simple a Natural Law is, ergo: As much as simple, more complex an equation is, as much as complex, more simple an equation is, ergo: As much as simple, more complex a Philosophy or Science is, as much as complex, more simple a Philosophy or Science is Dialectic maxim, dogma, motto and proverb achieved when writing an article to Oxford University Press. Enkrateo, January, 08th 2017.
  • “As much as simple, more complex an equation is, as much as complex, more simple an equation is.” Dialectic maxim, dogma, motto and proverb achieved when writing an article to Oxford University Press. Enkrateo, January, 08th 2017.
  • “Teaching we learn, learning we teach.” Dialectic maxim, dogma, motto and proverb created and used in a tutoring to a Master Degree Student of University of Sao Paulo´s São Francisco Law School. Enkrateo, November, 27th 2016.
  • “Scientonomy”. Neologism; New word discovered. New Science Discovered. Definition and Meaning: The science of science is not Scientology, is Scientonomy, like the science of astros (celestial objects) is not Astrology, but it is Astronomy. Enkrateo, April 4th 2016 AD.
  • “If UFC is a billionaire success, why not recreate and return the Pankration, similar to mixed martial arts, to the modern Olympic Games who already has Boxing, Judo, Wrestling and Taekwondo?” The International Olympic Committee should return the Pankration to the modern Olympic Games since is the soul of Olympism, ergo the soul of the ancient Olympic Games who inspired the creation of Colosseum or Coliseum in Rome – Italy by the Roman Empire, ergo who inspired the creation of all modern Stadiums and Arenas worldwide. Enkrateo, September 30th 2016 AD. Conclusion achieved after Wall Street Journal reported Hollywood celebrities and Olympic Athletes like Serena Williams are stock holders of the Chinese company WME-IMG who bought UFC (Mixed Martial Arts) for U$ 4 billions 2 months ago. Source: Brazilian Newspaper Estadão. Published at Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Publishing.
  • “Observe scientifically is to describe correctly and empirically the practice or the reality, to interpret or explain the practice or the reality is theorize or opine correctly or incorrectly the practice or the reality.” Enkrateo, September 30th 2016 AD. Truth discovered based on the PhD Prof. Caetano Platino´s class (Theory of Human Sciences and Philosophy of Science) at University of São Paulo – Brazil. Published at Facebook and LinkedIn Publishing.
  • “Misogeny.” New word (neologism) not to be confused with Misogyny. Noum: hatred, dislike, or mistrust of a particular phenotype and genotype or prejudice against particular gene(s). Enkrateo September 2016 AD. Defined and established after have been discriminated, reprehended and censured by 3 homosexuals (1 female, 2 males) in a Facebook´s group about a political discussion´ post after one of them as had no arguments to attack my tautological political arguments discovered  I have assumed to be the first lesbian male on History of humanity as a way to help the fight against homophobia and misogyny, using this fact and event to try reduce, under-valuate, scorn, underestimate and mock my philosophical arguments about corruption in politics by left, center and right political parties.
  • “Accept and like criticism, with critics we learn, without critics we are censors or censured ones”. Enkrateo, September 3rd 2016 AD. Published at Facebook in a post reply.
  • “Communism & Capitalism, partners & competitors.”Enkrateo June 6th 2016 AD. Published at LinkedIn.com and Facebook.com. “Communism and capitalism, political competitors, economical partners. Capitalists buy as much cheaper they can to sell as much expensive they can. Aim: profit. Communists buy as much cheaper they can to sell as much cheaper they can. Aim: people. Capitalist companies closed plants in developed capitalists countries with too much labor laws and strong labor rights (real origin of high unemployment in developed countries) to open plants in developing communist countries with less labor laws and weaker labor rights. This may be the true origin of economical and financial crisis started in Occident. Unemployment rises in Europe and America, employment rises in Asia. The perfect state with the perfect govern merges the best of capitalism with the best of communism, expelling the worst of both. This philosophical theory on economy and politics must be proved by facts and evidences to check if is true or false.”
  • “To be perfect is to be capable of right and wrong doing. If chooses right is good, if chooses wrong is bad. If God is perfect It is both!.”Enkrateo, July 11th 2016 AD. Published at Twitter.com and Facebook.com.
  • “Lesbian male.” New concept merging two genres, hetero male + homo female, with one same desire for females, apparently absurd and illogical, actually a logical truth that makes true sense and may help fight homophobia, misogeny and misogyny. On July 7th 2016 AD Enkrateo published his life event on Facebook making him assuming and realizing to be the 1st lesbian male on history of humanity. According to him, “realized some years ago, assumed some days ago. When hetero males discover themselves they are also lesbians, is going to be no point hetero male homophobia or misogyny anymore! Enkrateo, July 7th 2016 AD In God I Truce!”
  • “In God we truce!.” Enkrateo, July 1st 2016. Published at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Publishing. (New motto) Parallelism to “In God we trust” famous motto, used to defend theism (capitalism)´s faith on God (religions) against atheism (communism)´s faith on men (science) on nonphysical and physical wars. Motto which produces injustices from and by believers and non-believers. After seeing so many graphic content related to violence made by men against men for any reason, important or not, or no reason at all, I got the conclusion – may have exceptions – that God protects no one, since theists and atheists are killed or injuried daily worldwide. Because of that theists like atheists should not trust on God since we have 99,999% probability (If you are a mathematician feel free to calculate if is right or wrong, I add your results and cite you here) that God will not protect you from any pain or suffering. Daily people pray and beg, deep in mind, heart and soul, for God protection against evil, against negative consequences, asking positive ones. Daily we see empirical evidences and facts that leave no room for possibilities that if God help us, is not without ourselves. Apparently It gave us the power to think and solve our problems by ourselves, or would be an contradiction to the idea of freewill. Only a human can help another human, as a Doctors Without Borders Ad says. Believing or not on Him, daily people suffer violence, since the soft ones to the hardest and cruel ones. Daily people are victims of other humans and of themselves. As appears to be impossible change mind´s God and God´s decision to have been created the best possible world, and we can´t fight against human natural laws written in our DNAs under the atoms that constitutes us, and human free will power to be good or bad with ourselves when we need or desire, neither fight against God Itself since It has absolute power according to the current monotheistic beliefs, only is left to us to truce with or without Him, against or with Him, since appears we really cannot trust Him(It), contradicting our reason and science what we have learned in the famous motto “In God we trust!”. People can accept when bad and really bad things occur to them or their dear ones, believing or been sure somehow that was good for them, good for their learning and improving, but people should have clear in mind God being He, as men, patriarchs, chauvinists or misogynous prefer to think, or She, as we should consider the possibility since It exist before male or female creation (only female give birth to males or females), or It, if we consider that God is not human or any animal to be called He or She, does not protect anyone, nor a person or nation, of any religiosity, to be victim of soft or hard violence. Many ones (person, people or nations) that believed or wanted to believe God would protect from evil and give benefits found themselves dead in battles, conflicts or fights. Maybe a strong prove of this when Jesus nailed to the cross asked why God abandoned him. Sacred texts explained it was for humanity good, but in name of Jesus people still commits evil to people, mainly the ones who think different of them, like all other totalitarians dogmatic theocrats from all other religions accepting this or not, since the origin of evil, at least evil realized, comes from humans regardless of nationality, ethnicity or culture. In God we should truce, with or without Him, with or against him, with or against ourselves. The peace is not with you, is in you, a gift of choice of God, whatever names humans gave to.
  • “Enkrateo”, RIBEIRO, Douglas. July 1st 2016. Neologism adopted as new name after conversion to Ancient Greek Philosophy, assuming to be disciple of Socrates in 21st century. Meaning: Enkrateo is not my birth name and it is real like is real Pope Francis´ name. Francis is not a real name of the Pope? The Pope changed his birth name after converted in Pope. In many religions people changed their name after they convert to them. Celebrities, actors and artists change their birth name when they were converted to Arts. Athletes change their name after they convert to Sport. I changed my birth name after converted into Real Philosopher, after converted to Philosophy. It is a philosophical name.  Enkrateo means more than the one who has self-control like the Greek word “enkrateia”. It is much more than that. It is not restricted to enkrateia. It is also about self-governance of all powers who governs or try to govern us. It is about to be a free man, not a slave or a servant of people, feelings, passions, ideas, concepts, doctrines etc, ad infinitum. “The beauty on Greek words is that their meaning is very deep… Your name expresses a huge life perspective! Awesome!” as a Catholic Church friend who is studying to be Priest (Pater, Father, Padre) told me about my philosophical name, completing: “It is very hard to be free of all those things! You have to be brave, man!” Then I explained that it is not only that, the “eo” of Enkrateo means the “eo” of “Romeo” (from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare) which express passion and love for being a real philosopher, for real, true and correct philosophy. Like Socrates, Romeo and Juliet were forced to commit suicide and die by what they loved most. Socrates died because of his passion and love for wisdom and knowledge. Because of being a real philosopher. Because of his passion and love to all Philosophy, not only part of. Because his passion and love for the people (altruism) and his city of Athens, after have proved the importance to them to appreciate and take good care of real philosophers, the most important thing a city can have, being an example of respect for its laws and its democratic judgments, even when they are unfair, as happened to him. Romeo and Juliet died because of their passion and love for each other, even being from intolerance, violent and ignorant enemy families, whose conflict, pride and prejudice were responsible for the tragic death of the young couple. Socrates, Romeo and Juliet had a beautiful death because others, unfair ones, envied and hated their pure love, fair and good, divine, having they died as the just ones, and model of justice of their love, and injustice of other´s hate. My philosophical name is also connected to my passion and love for the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Techniques, Strategy and War Athena, under the epithet Pallas Athena, because of Her love for Her friend Pallas accidentally killed by Her in a joyful and happy fight training, which I had the privilege and honor to see how it happened, in a dream. “What a responsibility for me don´t you think?” I replied to my Catholic friend who is studying to be Father, laughing.
  • “To affirm is define in a true or false way, to deny is define in a true or false way, to philosophize is to examine which definition is true or false!” RIBEIRO, Douglas. May 22nd, 2016. Published at Facebook.com and LinkedIn.com
  • “Affirm is to dogmatize, deny is to dogmatize, examine is to philosophize!” RIBEIRO, Douglas. Revised (change of state to affirm): May, 10th,2016. Published first on May, 4th, 2016 at Facebook.com and LinkedIn.com
  • “Perfection in the philosophical life is perfection in practical life!” Ribeiro, Douglas. March, 2nd, 2015. Published first on May, 10th, 2016 at at Facebook.com and LinkedIn.com
  • “Peace is war with no crimes, no violence!”Ribeiro, Douglas. October, 14th, 2014. Published first on May, 10th, 2016 at Facebook.com and LinkedIn.com
  • “The word can be understood in a positive, negative or neutral way!” Ribeiro, Douglas. April, 2nd, 2014. Published first on May, 10th, 2016 at Facebook.com and LinkedIn.com
  • Philofagia New word, new concept (neologism). Name of a public group created at Facebook.com on October, 5th,2011. Description: The Philofagia idea was created and inspired by two ideas. The first is the idea of anthropophagy, which means the act of consuming a part or several parts of a whole human being. The original etymological sense of the word “cannibal” (from the Greek anthropos, “man” and phagein, “eat”) was being replaced by common usage, designating the particular case of cannibalism in humans (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antropofagia). The Philofagia means the act of consuming several philos, the Greek “loves”, which are passions for ideas, objects or people, in addition to wisdom (philosophy, as is known, means love of wisdom). The second idea that inspired the idea of Philofagia was Antropofágico Manifesto read in 1928, fruit of the Manifesto Pau-Brazil Poetry, both created by Oswald de Andrade and aimed at resolving the Brazilian identity problem [multi-ethnic and multi-cultural , depreciated as a “mutt”, unlike the “pure” European] and be both an antidote against imperialism [cultural, political and economic foreign / “rich” countries] (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movimento_antropofágico). The Philofagia idea does not have the pretension to solve the Brazilian identity problem, but drawing inspiration from this rich and diverse identity encourage Brazilians to consume love, passion for ideas, idealisms, objects(real, unreal, artistic, abstract, et cetera) and people(personalities), and by their practice an antidote against the imperialism of some passion or love of one point of view, of a single idea or religious, political and economic idealism who separate people and encourage hatred and conflict between them, consciously or unconsciously.
  • Proto or young philosophical thoughts: “Let’s hear the silence”“My gay side is lesbian”, “Who chooses too much (by external beauty, by appearance) shit recalls (based on personal bad experience)” and “All I can with Visa that makes me strong” (Parallelism to: “All I can with God that makes me strong”, in reference to a Brazilian religious proverb and an old credit card capitalist Ad campaign, an acid joke criticizing people who money is their God).
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